Auto ECU sensor signal simulator tool

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Auto ECU sensor signal simulator tool

All cars crank signal simulation experts

It can be set arbitrary waveform output, can produce all the models of today’s engine crankshaft, camshaft

signals (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), waveform data, waveform memory card from the long-term

preservation, waveform data for free online updates.

2. All cars sensor signal simulation experts

Speed signal, speed signal (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), ABS wheel speed signal, the oxygen sensor

signal, throttle signal, air flow, inlet pressure sensor (analog, digital) and other signal simulation

3. All cars Actuator experts

Tachometer, odometer, blower control module, injector, ignition coil, ignition module, frequency and pulse

width control solenoid valve, stepper motor drive (four-lane, six-lane), car audio amplifiers, etc.; All cars

actuator simulation experts:

Ignition coil, injectors, idle speed stepper motor, ultrasonic generators, actuators simulation.

Strong domestic first-line five-channel editing functions crank signal

Arbitrary wave signal analog output

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